Friday, August 05, 2005


It just seems like yesterday I was there but alas tomorrow at 6pm I'm going to LA for about 6 weeks. My horoscope said August was going to be a time of travel for me, and boy has it been.

I got back from a tour as a folklorico dancer. We went to chicago, memphis, rockford and st louis. The trip was a nice get away, I was suprised to get for working days off right before i go to LA. There was a little bad blood between me and a few of the dancers....lets just says you see peoples true colors when you travel with them...but it did not tarish my trip . My dance director says it was my LUCKY not that lucky you perves...hahah. First, we went to this bar and everyone who got a drink played a trivial pursuit card, and i won a free drink. Then i caught a patti labelle cd another club was throwing into the crowd. Finally i won $35 in a slot machine in st louis when i played only $5. Im not rich but i got to enjoy the win at the snack vendor hahah. Chicago was very pretty, especilly outside, nice and windy and sunny, like october wheather for us. I went to the pier and went to a museam and passed by the fountain and ofcourse went out clubbing. In the small town of rockford we had a show at their fiesta type shindig. It was the hottest wheather for them in the past ten years, but it was cool for us.

So yea, it is almost 3am and i am still waiting for clothes to finish drying...damn procrastination. While im there i will be taking meetings with agents....i just got my new headshot printed and my resume nicely revised by a friend of mine. If you ever want an awsome resume go to her , she knows he stuff.

Well i have packing, cds to burn and i have the munchies...wish me luck....when i get back i want to see a few friends in the san pedro playhouse production of DAMN YANKEES....and im judging a talent show for the Tejano Academy of fine arts in corpus right on the beach and i will be teaching a dance class......

Peace out...and im dead serious about the ryan seacrest video!!! Hop to it!!!

Congrats Amy, and good luck, sorry i could not see you off....

Happy Birthday Kelsie , incase you did not get my message...!!

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