Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well since my time is few and far between I am going to post my future blogs on MYspace........Thanks Blogger for being my notepad of emotions....

Friday, August 05, 2005


It just seems like yesterday I was there but alas tomorrow at 6pm I'm going to LA for about 6 weeks. My horoscope said August was going to be a time of travel for me, and boy has it been.

I got back from a tour as a folklorico dancer. We went to chicago, memphis, rockford and st louis. The trip was a nice get away, I was suprised to get for working days off right before i go to LA. There was a little bad blood between me and a few of the dancers....lets just says you see peoples true colors when you travel with them...but it did not tarish my trip . My dance director says it was my LUCKY not that lucky you perves...hahah. First, we went to this bar and everyone who got a drink played a trivial pursuit card, and i won a free drink. Then i caught a patti labelle cd another club was throwing into the crowd. Finally i won $35 in a slot machine in st louis when i played only $5. Im not rich but i got to enjoy the win at the snack vendor hahah. Chicago was very pretty, especilly outside, nice and windy and sunny, like october wheather for us. I went to the pier and went to a museam and passed by the fountain and ofcourse went out clubbing. In the small town of rockford we had a show at their fiesta type shindig. It was the hottest wheather for them in the past ten years, but it was cool for us.

So yea, it is almost 3am and i am still waiting for clothes to finish drying...damn procrastination. While im there i will be taking meetings with agents....i just got my new headshot printed and my resume nicely revised by a friend of mine. If you ever want an awsome resume go to her , she knows he stuff.

Well i have packing, cds to burn and i have the munchies...wish me luck....when i get back i want to see a few friends in the san pedro playhouse production of DAMN YANKEES....and im judging a talent show for the Tejano Academy of fine arts in corpus right on the beach and i will be teaching a dance class......

Peace out...and im dead serious about the ryan seacrest video!!! Hop to it!!!

Congrats Amy, and good luck, sorry i could not see you off....

Happy Birthday Kelsie , incase you did not get my message...!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


$30 Prize for whomever can find the tape of me from ON AIR WITH RYAN SEACREST!!!!!!!!!!!

and $10 bonus for each additional footage...IE American Idol Fianle ,ect......go ahead its yours if you can find it.,...

HINT ...start looking in wolfs room...I will even make it $50 if it is found by September 1.


Sunday, June 12, 2005


Your #1 Match: ENFP

The Inspirer
You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This memorial day weekend has been very restful for me. I got to spend alot of time with family and such, mainly had the chance to just CHILL OUT...go figure. Ofcourse, after one day i didn't know what to do with myself with all this free time. But, tomorrow that all ends...but i kinda miss the every day husstle and busstle of being at the agency.

So to recap the weekend, friday i finally met up with my friend james from high school. I felt bad that plans feel through on many occasions, and i wanted to go out so we went to joe volcano at first. IT SUCKED and it is supposed to be the place to be on fridays...well the st8 place to be on fridays.....i had to pay $10 to get in and he had to pay $15.....and everyone tried to act all tough and none talkative and the girls were stuck up and ugly...for a lack of a better we ditched that fast and went to the Bonham exchange. 75 cents drinks, booty dance contests...nice people...awsome music, that was more like it...we both had a can never go wrong there on a friday.......Now i know why people of all sorts go there...just plain old fun.... On Saturday, hell froze over and my whole family went out to movie, i had mentioned to my brother the night before that we never do anything as a family anymore...aside from live together...but my brother came up with the we saw episode 3 again......of course i was a big nerd and still had hope that anakin would resist the dark side, but nonetheless it was an awsome movie. After we picked up chinese and watched the movie, With six you get eggroll, a family movie my mom loves and yes i even found it entertaining.

Tomorrow i am starting a vegan diet and exercise program...i so want results and tired of looking like this. My wardrobe is so limited now. But, wish me luck im supposed to get great results in 6 weeks. Im mainly doing it to get healthier and im going to pick up yoga back up and tae bo and jogging with folklorico...if i dont lose weight after that i dont know what to do :).

Canada was a blast...i went on friday may 13th, had a hell of a day getting there, but after that it was a blast. Im being sent to scout in canada in august and i have a few auditions in LA in August and am going to be staying there a while. I also got invited to scout in Las Vegas this december....i so want to scout all over the world. It is a great way to extend cliental as well as have a mini vacation at all parts of the world.

Work is going great, we are getting our staff all in place , so it will make my job all the more easier...but i love what i do. I feel trully blessed to do what i do. Im taking more classes this fall, it will be hard, but i will arrange my schdual so i can finish my degree.

Auditions are kinda slow for me , but they go up and down, i so want to book more, but im working on my body and training more, hopefully all that put together will lead to more stuff. Presistance more than anything pays off. I got a call from a production company in LA working on a sci fi movie and they want me to read this summer. So im getting pumped up for that. As we speak im bidding on Sal mineo movies so i can audition for the role of him for his movie. It still hasn't got off the ground, which is good for me. I really want to have this done in a month or so.

Last but not least i need to say this and i will never speak of it in the middle of a group convo so i would appreciate that you respect my wishes.

A good friend of mine asked to audition with her for American Idol, first reaction is HELL NO...why? I wasn't upset with how it turned out as much as how my close friends handled it...95% of the people around me were proud of it...and so was i in a way...ya i shouldn't have picked a bad song, wore that hiddeous outfit, alot of things, bottom line i wasn't in my was a bad audition. But, when close friends trade mp3's of it videos, bring up parts of it that are sore...ect that caused alot of mental anguish that shows alot today...think ive worked it out alot.... So i am going to audition again, for myself. I expect nothing to come of it, but its 2-3 years later, im in the industry, i have grown alot as a person , i know what NOT to do and whats the worse that can happen? Oh wait its already happened. I just want to walk in that room give it what truely got and not look back this time. Thats all i am going to say about it.......and now i can close the book on it once and for all and go on to great things.

Its 5am to start a new week!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cinco De Mayo!!!

Ok, well after being told i need to update numerous times i have finally caved and have had more than a few minutes to myself. Life has been treating me really well and i cant ask for more than to have the strength to keep up my pace and then some.

I am now the booking agent at Calliope, Scarlett wanted to get married and this transition has happened really smoothly and i have learned more in the past 3 weeks than in the past 2 years i have been there and i am excited to learn even more.

To recap march, i got to work on a movie with Gweneth paltrow and Sigorney was a was a long day , it was sureal but i was used for a night club scene...hopefully i will be in the final cut. Later that month i got to film the final shoot for Eye 4 an eye and ricky got to be my personal assistant...i love having one of those. : ) While shooting i heared from my friend who was in iraq that he was alive and well and back that really helped. Finally i reached THE MILESTONE!!!!! I turned 21...thanks to all those especilly Melissa for helping me celebrate.....all those shots were worth it as well as the hangover the next day and the blast we had that weekend!!!!

April turned a new leaf career wise. I got a promotion. So now i am a talent agent and still persuing acting and have been going out on lots of auditions lately...i just want to keep going and pressing foward and see what happens. Fiesta came and went well. I hurt my ankle the day before all of my shows...but the show must go i icy hotted it and ace bandaged and its all good.

May is father moved on my street so spending more time with family is on my priorities list and i promised myself to live life more this year...go out more, socialize more, travel, try new!
I went on a few dates to no avail, but at least i tried.

Im being sent to Canada this friday to scout for a huge convention for actors and this is a nice chance to mingle with alot of contacts all over the nation and have a blast doing it...the only downside is that im missing my brother and elyses graduation....but i wish them the best.

Well thats it for now...


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hello March!!!

Well i know its a few days before March, but it is almost here. Its been a while since the last post but i will make this nice and simple. This past weekend i got to just do nothing at my apartment, which was a nice change of pace, tails, my dog, missed me greatly. Im worried a bit for him he has been scratching alot at his back and causing it to scab...hope its nothing bad....just need to take him to the vet.

Work has been going well, i love being paid for doing what i love. Im currently booking workshops for this guy Gary who is a Actor and Coach in LA and he was on One life to live and Star Trek Voyager, he seems like a fun guy to get to know. Kristy, my agent, is currently in LA at an Oscar party with him, so i hope they are having a blast. I need to go out there when a major function is going on. Im all about the Mtv Movie Awards.....I've always wanted that Golden Popcorn all for myself!! Who reading this is thinking i would attept to eat it????? LOL So along with work, i have been doing folklorico shows again, and just ordered a new costume so i can look the best possible.....muy caliente!! Lia said she wanted to use a pic of me and my partner for an art cool is that. I recently found out that my picture is being used in a San Antonio Calander for Texas Folklife Festival. The Calander is at the majestic theatre, so my mom is going to get a copy for me.

I had alot of fun the other weekend when i came up to Austin and me and melissa, ricky and wolf went to Katz's Deli at 4am two nights in the week. I love matzaball soup now :), ut its not the same without fried pickles and strawberry belgian waffles!!!

Good job to kelsie for doing an awsome job at her concert, made me think about all the good days in band, and then made me realize how old im getting, but good job Cowboy!!

CONGRATS to my Brother Marc Druck JR for being accepted to UT LAW school as well as a full ride to SMU and St. Marys and De Paul in chicago with a scholarship....keep em coming. We will finally have a lawyer in the family and at my rate just in time.

I went to my step sis b-day party yesterday, she turned 25, which my brother turns on March 17th. At the party i wore a james dean shirt i bought and someone came up to me and asked, " why are you wearing a shirt with your picture on it?" I took that as a huge compliment. :)

Im going up to Dallas to shoot the rest of National Lampoons Eye for an Eye.....that night i hopefully am going to make it to my freind Rachel Kjars Birthday dinner , hopefully it all works out, if not i will make it up with lunch the next night or something.

Fiesta and NIOSA arnt that far away, i need to get back to practices soon....its always fun stuff!!!

Before then is ofcourse my 21st B-day on March 30th....i cant believe im even typing about this.
Well i plan on going out to 6th st tuesday the 29th so whomever wants to join please do so, and that wednesday night probally an outing with the SA gang if not then, than on that friday, that Saturday i want to do a full blown outing in Austin.

Well last but not least , Ms. Noseff is in the hospital recovering from pancreatic Cancer, i just pray and wish her the best and a speedy recovery.

And I hope Rickys Grandpa will have a fast recovery as well and know that he is in My prayers and will be alright as long as God is watching after him, which he is!!!

Ciao 4 now


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